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Wazzup dudes! Glad you dropped by at my site! Me and my pals always stumble on some hot shit while we're shooting porn. For instance, our models had a fight today... AGAIN! A fight, as in female wrestling, catfights, submission fighting and stuff! One of them almost crushed my balls for shooting the scene, but I thought you guys might enjoy it! Feel free to take the free tour and visit my links' page. Not probable you're gonna find anything better than this site out there, but the page has all the links to all major catfight and female wrestling resources! Have fun!


There's one simple rule you have to stick to if you're a model and you're in a porn shoot with 2 other girls: do NOT turn your back on them when they got beef with you! This girlie's pussy suffered very rough dildo penetration as soon as she was thrown down onto the floor face down! Whatever her lingerie had cost her, it's of no use anymore! We tried to make the girls stop. But hey, we're no fools to stop horny babes from action that hot!


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Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble! Here's our first fight gone totally brutal! It's the kind of female wrestling when there's simply no fucking room for mercy! They kick, bite, strangle and use strap-on dicks equally good! A real miracle this babe survived at all after she got fucked with those enormous rubber playthings! But hey, that's the price you gotta pay if you had lost the fight! Anyway, she seems to have loved the spanking part hehe!




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Now back to fair play! It's easy to blow off steam when you have a partner to rely on, but what do you say when girls decide who stays and who goes by playing 1 on 1? These two had trouble keeping up with each other as the wrestling match unfolded... Equally strong and as mad as girls can ever get, they kicked ass like never before! The loser almost choked on pussy when she had it stuck right into her pretty face! Well what did she expect?! No girl ever forgives someone who tears her favorite bikini suit into pieces! JOIN us right away or take a look at the trailer!


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